Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It's Feburary already!

Yay, it's Feb!! Just a little bit closer to spring. Its been busy here on the home front with many birthdays in Feb and March.  Nice to have something fun to plan for during the cold winter months.  Then again it is the perfect time to start thinking about my summer garden as I am getting floods of plant magazines in the mail.

I have decided to start yoga as close to 5 days a week as I can get. I still have to force myself to workout~I hope it gets more appealing as I get more fit.  It has been on the warm side today so I decided to take my youngest outside and pull him in the sled around the yard (2 acres) a few times instead of doing the treadmill. My boots are darn heavy not to mention the over insulated baby in the sled.  It was well worth the sweat seeing my sweet 2 year old smile ear to ear as I pulled him up and down the 'hill' a million times and over to check out our bees and chickens. Definitely the most fun and memorable day of the week!

I am definitely getting stronger, but at this point working out is just that ~work and I don't look forward to the exhaustion that comes afterward. Working out has been less frequent then I had planned thanks to this darn proctitis and the treatments with the flagyl and bactrim. I am on my second round of flagyl and bactrim and it seems that on the 4th day of treatment my GI symptoms have improved but these awful migraines start.  It is really hard to function after the 3rd dose (taking it 4X's/day) of the day and continues to increase until the next morning when I have start all over again.  The results from the first round didn't last more then 2 weeks or so and I am really praying that with this extra boost the freedom of pain and diarrhea lasts.  5 more days of antibiotics, wish me luck ;~)

Until the next time....Sarah