Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Surprise Caller

Just call me Sarah, I am to young for a Mrs...  It has been around 7 months ( I think) that I have spoken to my surgeon in Cleveland and he pulled out the "hello, Mrs..."  His hands have been in places I don't want to know so I think we can be more personal then Mrs.!  Just a quick 'checken in' to see if I have 'control' of my b.m.'s (I very rarely have nighttime accidents anymore, just deal with the ever annoying urgency with pain and incomplete emptying. Now that I have written that down it is sounding like pouchitis??) and wondering if I was thinking of going to 'the bag'.  Nice!! 

Just want the pain to stop in this darn pouch. I wonder what it would be like to not feel pain in my butt every day!  No solution from Dr. surgeon on that one. It is just a waiting game now. Waiting to get to the end of this raggedy rope and call it quits.  I can hold out some more, I really want this to work...