Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Up and Running~

So I went and set up The Colonless Chronicles on facebook and I couldn't have picked a less busier time to do it! During the last week of July me and the kids go to the Fowlerville 4-H Fair. I don't mean just go to the fair, I mean we spend weeks getting the cows and calves ready, pack up the camper and GO to fair! We stay in the camper all week while fair is going on. This is our second year with our 4-H group and although it is tons of fun and learning, it is also tons of hot sweaty work! We teach the kids that come to fair about the dairy cows and how we take care of them. We let the kids touch the cows and if we have any girls in milk we show them how to milk a cow. It is funny how many little kids (and adults) have never seen how to milk a cow by hand.

So rewind a few years back. Me laying in bed, weak and recovering. My mom taking my place in my home busy with 4 kids. Me laying in my bed, watching, listening, dreaming. I had this feeling that not only did I loss my health but I also lost my independence. I was not the one mothering, I was being mothered to. I watched as others took care of business.... but I had a lot of business going on in my head! I was planning! Planning on how I was going to become more independent, how I was going to do everything with my kids~together! My passion for gardening and sustainable living became my goal and I started plotting. I got chickens, then honey bee's (or was it bee's then chicken :) ) It became our family thing. My dad helped me get my hives set and my husband finished the coop. Everyone seemed to help with the garden and I grew stronger as I watched my dream coming true. Then one day I decided I wanted my own dairy cow.... I knew nothing about raising cows, milking or calving, but I wanted to learn and 4-H was the perfect in! I meet Farmer Andrea and well now I have my own little Rosie, a 6 month old Jersey.

As I sit here and think of the path my life has taken I am nothing but thankful. I am happy, healthy and full of hope. I am just as excited to share my experiences of living with my ileostomy and overcoming UC as I am to share what my life is like on my little hobby farm.  It is going to be a really busy week but I am so glad I have the strength to live it!


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